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Hi, I’m Jill and I am a lifelong resident of Southeastern Wisconsin and a novice paranormal investigator. I have been fascinated by the spiritual realm for decades. I have had personal experiences in my life solidifying the fact that we are not here alone. My first experience was when I was a teenager playing with a Ouija board with some other girls in the basement of an old home. Something followed me home that night and, for a short time thereafter, I experienced sleep paralysis. Each time this happened, without opening my eyes (as I could not), I could see something sitting against my bedroom wall with its knees pulled up to its chest. I did not understand the correlation between these experiences and the Ouija board until I was a little older and started hearing stories from my grandmother and cousins about apparitions and events they had experienced. At that point, I knew! I knew there was more out there. Since then, I have seen one full-on apparition, had several subtle experiences such as seeing shadows, feeling watched or as though I was not alone, and hearing words spoken behind me when no one was there. Anyways, I am very interested in knowing more and helping those who need peace.

I love old buildings and properties with history! And, I love hearing peoples’ personal stories.



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