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I am the founder of 6th Sense Paranormal. I have been able to see and feel spirits since I was about 14 years old. My first experience was seeing a blue orb the size of a softball floating down the hallway towards my bedroom when I was a kid. Since then I have seen countless ghosts most of which have showed themselves as shadows to me. A few years back I started seeing demons once in a while, and my first two private investigations as this team had demonic entities in the houses. So I decided to start studying Demonology. With that I also became a Ordained Priest to help with house blessings and cleansings. I have also learned how to do exorcisms of homes.

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I have been sensitive to the paranormal since about 6 years old. My earliest experience was the house we lived in continually had cold spots and my dad would mutter under his breath to get a jacket if your cold then I would watch him turn the heat up at our house. As a kid I always felt uneasy there and always saw shadow figures. My dad ended up moving us and the local church bought the house. They owned the house for about a month and then had it demolished. It was always very hush hush as to why it was tore down but as I got older I knew why. The spirits did not sit well with the church. I love investigating older properties with a history like Randolph County Asylum (will always be a favorite).



I am the co-founder and Kevin’s wife. I had never really been interested in the paranormal until I met him. I have been to Randolph County Infirmary in Indiana, Sheboygan County Insane Asylum, First Ward School in Wisconsin Rapids, Karsten Inn, and Old Baraboo Inn plus a few more locations but those are the main ones. In my free time I like to go camping, fishing, and turkey hunting. I also love hanging out with friends and family.



My name is William. I am 38. I started being interested in the paranormal when I was younger. I enjoyed watching paranormal shows with my mother which got me more and more interested in the other side of life. My first experience was in Texas. I heard a knock at the door I went to go check who it was not even five seconds later. And there was nothing there when I open the door the next night the same thing happened I looked out the window and I seen some thing I’m not sure what it was but I seen some thing. I have a tendency of having dreams before they happen I’m not sure what that means.


Katrina (Kat)


Hello All! I'm Katrina (or Kat if you're so inclined). I am an investigator for 6th Sense Paranormal. I started becoming interested in the paranormal when i was little. One of the first experiences that i can remember is living in a house in Manitowoc. I was sitting at the kitchen table and there were noises that came from nowhere, all of a sudden the chair that I was sitting in started to lift off the floor. After that there have been numerous encounters and many haunted locations. A little history on myself...My grandmother used tarot cards, my aunt was a spiritual writer, and I have visions and also use my tarot cards (one set is my grandmothers). I wasn't sure what any of it meant when I was younger; having dreams that came true or visions as I was walking, driving, or even just sitting around. I am still working on developing my gifts and hopefully can attain a deeper understanding.

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